NGS Architects / Interiors / Materials is an Award Winning multidisciplinary practice established in early 2009 in Dubai, UAE, specializing in the residential, commercial, retail, landscape and multi-use sectors. Our practice comprises of a mixed variety of motivated, and highly skilled experienced professionals driven by excellence and inspired by the environments and communities we work in. As a practice we believe in contributing to our communities not just through our design offerings but by also attracting and fostering young architectural personalities to be part of our overall growth and vision. Design excellence, creativity, responsibility and sustainability are the foundations upon which our practice is built they are the values that underpin our approach to every project from conceptualization to implementation.

‘The Beginning’

The founder of NGS Architects is Mr. Nabil Sherif, an honors graduate from the Institute for Design and Technology of Westminster University and a recipient of the prestigious RIBA certificate (Royal Institute of British Architects). Nabil has worked in some of the largest and leading architectural firms such as RHWL, Benoy, HOK and Fosters +Partners and has 15 years high-level architectural experience from concept designs to completed projects in all stems of design categories. Nabil’s passion for design and creativity, his leadership skills, vision and drive for excellence resulted in the formation of NGS Architects, a company that he plans to nurture into one of the leading architectural practices in the UAE and the MENA region as a whole.


NGS has designed a wide range of projects such as residential homes, commercial buildings, and interiors for offices/residences; to landscaping on an international basis. Every project we take on we commit to 100%, utilizing all the high quality resources at our disposal with the aim of always exceeding our client’s expectations. We are constantly looking to take on new projects and believe that our offerings and design excellence will help clients achieve their goals in a cost effective manner whilst realizing their vision for that space. We never complicate things and believe that the best approach is the simple one. We make sure we understand our client’s needs and the purpose /use of the space so as to optimize the unique opportunities and qualities the space provides and submit a design interpretation that realizes the client’s vision. The practice’s approach engages the knowledge and experience of the entire team, and encourages collaboration both within the design studio and with co-architects, consultants and specialists. This process ensures that the final design is a considered, intelligent and creative reflection of the brief.

‘Design Ethos’

NGS is keen to stand out from the crowd and set itself apart from other architectural firms by creating a clear and identifiable identity. We feel great architecture is possible with a great client who understands and appreciates the design process that accomplishes its true goal that is to expand people’s minds and allow the urban space to take its natural shape, first through experimentation on the drawing board then onto the cityscape. Respecting the environment and culture in which a building is raised is key to how we work and a central part of the conversations we have with our clients from the very beginning of a project. Our focus is always on providing high quality, sustainable solutions and believe strongly that the difference between a good built and a great built is attention to detail. While we will challenge the notions of ‘sameness’ and repetitiveness, our structures are never in direct opposition to the context in which they are placed or at odds with their surroundings, this approach to design and architecture stems from our founder’s multicultural background and history and his appreciation of the unique and aesthetically spectacular.

We believe the world of architecture is shifting to a new era, building forms are exceeding people’s expectations and rules are being stretched to form new and exciting spaces.


NGS Architects believe that a balance of social vision and motivation will result in a productive workforce; this has allowed NGS to grow and attract creative but responsible individuals to its practice. This belief has nurtured a fantastic team spirit in our organization, the end result of which is a cohesive and collaborative drive for excellence that stems from a shared and inspiring vision. All this makes NGS a great workplace: we are outgoing, creative and fun but we are very serious about our work and collectively achieving great things.