NGS Architects believe that a balance of social vision and motivation will result in a productive workforce, this has allowed ngs to grow and attract those most creative to its practice. With this in mind the practice has created an ethos that drives it to a creative level and enables ngs to accomplish its goals as well as create an outgoing and exciting environment to work in.

The practice’s approach engages the knowledge and experience of the entire team, and encourages collaboration both within the design studio and with co-architects, consultants and specialists. This process ensures that the final design is a considered, intelligent and creative reflection of the brief.

NGS believe that architecture is the art and science to design buildings. According to Vitrubio, in Century I A. d. C., says that the architecture rests in three principles: the Beauty (Venustas), the Firmness (Firmitas) and the Utility (Utilitas). Architecture is a common balance of these three elements, NGS Architects consider itself theoretical and also practitioners, which doesn’t only prove the convenience of its design, but also executes it.